Mitten Pro Network is a program designed to leverage technology and provide incentive
to the best local repair/remodel contractors to source their products from Mitten.

  • Online Training
  • Available free at
  • Courses take 20-30 minutes
  • 10 question quiz at end
  • Introductory product knowledge courses (100 level) now available
  • Courses added continuously
  • eRenovate is a Lead Generation App for Canadian Contractors
  • Lead management and tracking on your phone or PC
  • Multi-device platform enables pros to login via their mobile device or desktop to manage sales leads created by eRenovate
  • Pre-Qualified sales leads
  • Contractor website / Profile page on
  • Mitten Pro Contractors can download this app to "close more deals" and sell/quote more efficiently
  • Accurate enough to quote a job - no siding measure required
  • Save time and money and eliminate extra trips to the job site
  • Design with Mitten products on your customers' homes
  • Provide professional estimates and close more business
  • Available on iPhone, iPad or Android

Coming Soon

Interested in becoming a part of the pro network?

If you are a remodeling contractor with an established account, you may be eligible to be part of our Mitten Pro Network. To apply for program benefits, please complete the form below.